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Agricola D.V.M.

Quality vegetables and fruit

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Who we are

We are a company specialized in the production and marketing of high quality fruit and vegetables from controlled cultivations which makes use of highly qualified personnel and a cutting-edge logistics system. The desire for innovation, combined with growth, represents the company's strong point, a young and dynamic environment always attentive to new market needs but at the same time strong on the long family experience in the large-scale retail market.

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We offer all the goodness that our land gives us: from vegetables to fruit. Discover our fantastic products!

The supply chain

Production is conducted using integrated pest control methods and subjected to rigorous and timely analytical checks during pre-harvest. All producers are controlled by a technical service within the company which defines the integrated production specifications (DPI) and verifies their correct application. A further strong point of the company system is the control of the production chain, followed with competence and professionalism. Identification begins in the countryside at the time of sowing. Once collected, the product arrives at the company where it is checked, identified by arrival date and batch and, finally, labelled.

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The attention to preserving the freshness of fruit and vegetables has always led us to guarantee compliance with all procedures and the use of resources and technologies necessary for a punctual and precise service. This is why the company carries out in-depth periodic checks on structures, vehicles and work phases directly involved in the handling of fruit and vegetables and searches for the best solutions to offer its customers.

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