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Traceability of the production chain

“Quality means doing things well when no one is watching”
                                                                                                                            Henry Ford

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Agricola D.V.M. is located in Vittoria, the heart of tomato and vegetable production in its various varieties. Our products, chosen and selected right from sowing, guarantee compliance with the quality standards required by the market. To ensure continuity in the offer, those of associated producers are added to our productions. Production is conducted using integrated pest control methods and subjected to rigorous and timely analytical checks during pre-harvest. All producers are controlled by a technical service within the company which defines the integrated production specifications (DPI) and verifies their correct application.

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A further strong point of the company system is the control of the production chain, followed with competence and professionalism. Identification begins in the countryside at the time of sowing. Once collected, the product arrives at the company where it is checked, identified by arrival date and batch and, finally, labelled. All agricultural companies have an alphanumeric code that follows the product until final packaging. This allows the company to always guarantee complete traceability of its products.

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The Quality Management System, in addition to coordinating all the processes identified within the supply chain, is closely linked to the Integrated Production Regulations. The company makes use of the expertise of qualified and ACCREDIA 17025 accredited laboratories. In order to satisfy consumers, our products are subjected to an accurate control system and certified by SGS and GLOBAL G.A.P. The company's staff is made up of highly specialized agronomic technicians in the sector of integrated agricultural production and complex agri-food activities, accompanied by experts in the administrative and commercial sectors.

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